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Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Introducing StreetScape

Hello, and welcome to the StreetScape Blog. Here we will be documenting the progress of one of Luminato 2008’s most exciting exhibitions as it comes together, as well as investigating some of the larger ideological and art historical questions that underlie the project.

We all know Luminato: it’s Toronto’s festival of creativity, a ten day celebration of art, music, film, theater, dance and literature that transforms the city into a vibrant and inviting mecca for cutting-edge culture of all varieties. But what is StreetScape? Officially, it is the following:
    Blank, vacant, abandoned, and derelict walls are reimagined as monumental canvases as Toronto becomes host to the world’s best large-scale wall-painting, drawing, and street art. Locations throughout central Toronto and along the waterfront will form a new type of exhibition space.
    Drawing together artists who have sidestepped the limitations of the canvas--and in some cases, of the institutional gallery system entirely--and on the legacy of the graffiti and street art movements as the organic reaction of human creativity to adverse circumstances, this exhibition will serve as an awe-inspiring example of the transformative power of public artwork on disenfranchised regions of our urban topography. Large in scale, sophisticated in their technique, bold, colorful and beautiful in their content and inherently in dialogue with their environment, these installations will mark the City as a destination for cultural sightseers. At the same time, the ephemeral nature of many of these works along with the performative and interactive properties of the latest technological approaches to street art in digital media will make the exhibition into a time-specific event not to be missed. As these buildings virtually burst with color and light, they will serve as a shining example of a new and engaging approach to constructing aesthetic experience: renegotiating the relationship between artwork and audience, reimagining the very nature of the art exhibition and suggesting that unconstrained creativity is the best form of urban revitalization.
Setting aside the curator-speak for a moment, however, the question remains: what is StreetScape really? In short, it is an experiment, a set of questions that over the next several months we will set about trying to answer in the form of an exciting, interactive and thought-provoking public exhibition.

Over the next several months this blog will tackle some of the most important questions that underlie this project, as well as introduce you to the history of some of the very talented artists and fascinating locations that will comprise StreetScape. It is our hope that this space becomes a venue for fruitful exchange, so be sure to take advantage of the comments section as the blog grows, and in the meantime welcome again and thank you for reading—this will be an exciting journey.

Sam Rauch
Streetscape Art Project
Part of 2008 Luminato Festival
June 6-15, 2008

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  • At January 9, 2008 at 11:08 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    I own a portion of a building that has a large blank wall (previously painted) on the north side of it - which faces a small parking lot. Is there a process for having my wall considered as part of the StreetScape exhibition?

  • At March 10, 2008 at 7:31 PM, Blogger Facade said…

    How do I go about applying as a street artist?

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