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Sunday, June 8, 2008
Living Space @ Regent Park comes alive through workshops
Probably the coolest part (although there's considerable competition) about the Luminato StreetScape's Living Space @ Regent Park project is the fact that every single aspect of the exhibition is the result of collaboration between young members of the community, local and international artists, and dedicated outreach and education organizations like Pathways to Education and Regent Park Focus.  

For months leading up to the festival, weekly workshops and artist mentorships have allowed for reflection on the history of Regent Park and the assimilation of personal histories into that narrative, given local youth concrete instruction in methods of artistic production, and--most importantly--forged new friendships and strengthened existing ones in a truly communal creative effort.  Living Space @ Regent Park would not be a reality were it not for the enthusiasm of our young volunteers, the generosity of our contributing artists, and the organizational know-how of Pathways, Focus and Manifesto.  

Below are documents of this process.  Be sure to check out the fruits of our efforts from June 13-15, when Regent Park's transformation into a dynamic art environment is complete.  See Luminato's StreetScape page for more details, hours and locations.

Deyvi and Luipa work on plotting their stories on maps of Regent Park at the Art Gallery of Ontario:

Internationally-renowned, NYC-based photographer Jamel Shabazz photographs Izzy for the poster project:

Jamel Shabazz and Hightop Studio lead a photo workshop:

Syrus Ware of the A.G.O. Education Dept. leads a storytelling and art interpretation workshop:

The downpour on the photo day helped unite the group and give the expo its motif: the umbrella.

Izzy with his poster:

The photo posters are unfurled with great excitement at Regent Park Focus.

Dan Bergeron (see a post on his work below) help mount Izzy's poster:

Izzy with his mounted wheatpaste poster portrait:

Luipa with her poster:

Fathima and Dan Bergeron mount her poster:

Izzy works on transferring his image into paint during a mural workshop with Harbourfront Community Centre Mural Program....

... as does Diana.

Scott Harber tosses a fresh can of paint to Patrick Thompson of while working on their participative mural/installation at Regent Park:


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