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Sunday, June 8, 2008
Exclusive Regent TASK trailer and Oliver Herring video stills
We are thrilled to have internationally-renowned sculptor, photographer, video and performance artist Oliver Herring as a part of StreetScape's transformation of Regent Park.  In the spirit of Living Space @ Regent Park's focus on artist/community collaboration, both aspects of Herring's participation in this project are the result of his newfound friendships with young members of the community.

Herring is a master at producing visceral and poetic video work that features improvised, on-the-street performances from non-actors.  His latest video, "Make Believe In Regent Park," features performances from local youth, and will have its premier from June 13-15 as part of Living Space @ Regent Park.  Below are some exclusive frames from the video:

Oliver Herring is also hosting a TASK party (the first Canadian TASK, in fact), to be held at the Regent Park Ice Rink on June 14, from 3:00 - 7:00 PM.  A beautiful hybrid of performance art and communal celebration, TASK creates moments of chaos and utopia as participants use props, creative supplies, cooperation and imagination to interpret and perform randomly-assigned, user-generated tasks.

The rules are deceptively simple...

1) Write down a task (anything your imagination permits), and place it in the central task pool
2) Take a different written task from the pool
3) Interpret and perform your task
4) Repeat

... but the results are nothing less than wild.  From building a lunar fort from aluminum foil to performing a marriage for two total strangers, only your imagination limits the possibilities of TASK.  The event is free and open to absolutely everyone, so please come join us at what will be the exclamation point on an incredible weekend of arts programming at Regent Park.  Check out this exclusive trailer for Regent TASK, the first of several:

For more information about Oliver Herring, click here to visit the site of PBS's prestigious Art:21 documentary series--they have featured Oliver's work and host a wealth of information about his various art practices.  Of particular interest are two interviews that explore the nature of his video and performance work:

For StreetScape hours and locations, visit our home at Luminato here, and be sure to check out the Regent TASK blog for up-to-the-minute information about TASK.
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